Happiness is Duck-Shaped

Right, so I have had a big think about what would be the first thing that I would tick off of this extensive bucket list of mine. It’s a little early to go into something majorly heavy (not a pun on my whale-like stature) so I figured so for something that is a mixture of light, extremely me and who not go for a toofer if possible.

List Item: Feed the ducks
Status: Completed

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that birds make me very happy and that I should probably just admit to myself that my destiny is to own and operate an aviary somewhere and go under the moniker ‘bird guy’.

The reason that I put this on the bucket list is that I think everyone at some point should feed the same equivalent whether it be ducks, feral cats or marmosets. Being a Brit who grew up a stone’s throw from a duck pond this is something that I have been able to do fairly often.

I love ducks and they love me (as long as I have food for them that is). Recently, however, I discovered that you should not feed bread to ducks. So when I next go to feed my local group of ducks I will be bringing what I should bring them; vegetables.

So, in order to make this a two-for-one under the themed my post title let’s look at my second item.

List Item: See a platypus
Status: Completed

Now this video may not look like much, but it is the product of a lifelong love of the platypus and waiting for about 5 hours in a Sydney aquarium for them to make an appearance (apparently they like to awake in the afternoon like a stroppy teenager whereas we got to the aquarium around 10 in the morning).

So whilst we were waiting to see a platypus (I’d flown around the world to see these bastards and I was not going to not see them) we spend our time wandering around and managed to see some manatees and turtles. But nothing could beat seeing the platypus peeking their head out for the first time and having a jolly good swim. I stood and watched for ages before being dragged away vaudeville style. It was a good day.


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