A Piece of Disclosure

I want to open this up with the following piece of disclosure: I did not make this bucket list because I am dying or because there is some genetic time bomb waiting to go off. If I am being honest I made this list in response to someone commenting that I had never really lived; something odd to say to a 22-year-old.

This comment rattled in my head until I realised that I did not use my time before 22 to do the things that many others did. I never went on a gap year, never backpacked, never got drunk, never done anything bad really. Everything from entering primary school until I left university was all about doing what needed to be done to make sure I could get a good job and not die penniless, due to exposure or from dog attack.

Pretty much anyone who is currently in their twenties will know that this link between getting top grades and getting a super amazing dream job is a convenient lie. Or at least it was to our generation. So whilst the comment did make me feel inadequate it also made me rather angry since I figured I had done what I had needed to do.

So after a mixture of seething with anger and listening to Jeff Buckley’s version of ‘Hallelujah’ I decided that I would do something that I first saw in a rather awful movie a few years previously; create a bucket list. I don’t want to live to a ripe old age and for people to think that I had never done anything. Therefore I decided to both create a list and find a way to cross it off so that I make sure to keep going.

In making this list I tried to make a general list of things that maybe everyone needs to do or see at one point for the sake of growth, greater understanding and some weird-arse stories. A list like this is organic and will grow as I go along but as of starting this blog I have around 320 items (comments for other list ideas and how I could do them will be seriously considered).

I will update this blog with how I achieved them, when I achieved them (if in the past/before writing this blog) and try to demonstrate some proof (scans, videos, I haven’t really thought how for each one). Feel free to play along since we never know when we will run out of time before we kick the bucket.
In the words of one of my all time heroes, “Take chances, make mistakes”.

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